I have a confession to make

It happened on Wednesday 9/19, my husbands birthday of all days, and I almost wrote about it that day but I just couldn’t bring myself to put it out here yet. It’s been a few days so I’m ready now, plus I’ve admitted it to a few friends and aquaintences, their supportive response helped me put things into perspective. So here it goes… Along with being a brand new business owner, which is proving to be exciting but quite a bit of behind the scenes work to keep up with on the daily, I am a mother who is STILL trying to adjust to the new fall schedule of having a double drop off and a daughter who attends catholic school which equals volunteering!   I am so eager to help out in any way that I can in Cameron’s school, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for years, but I didn’t take into account that I would be starting my new business at this time while still trying to get used to our new schedule.  Take a look at the schedule:

  • Monday:  Cameron’s school 7:55-2:30 &  McKenzie’s school 9-1, Cameron has cross country practice after school from 2:45-4 which I signed up to be assistant coach for and McKenzie is welcome to come to.
  • Tuesday: School for kids, Boot camp 9:30-10:30 for me, kids have gymnastics from4:30-5:30
  • Wednesday: School for kids, Zumba with Melanie for me, McKenzie has reading group from 1-2, Cameron’s cross country practice 2:45-4
  • Thursday: School for kids, Boot camp for me, kids have gymnastics
  • Friday: School for kids, Cameron has ballet 4-5

As you can see we can add chauffeur to my list as well!  I want them to take swimming and one other team sport(soccer, basketball) but at this point I’m not sure if any of us can handle it.  McKenzie, my 4 year old told me the other day that she didn’t want to go to cross country practice anymore, which is not a big deal since my mother- in -law lives really close to Cameron’s school.  I called my mil and asked her if she would be able to meet me at Cameron’s school, since I really only have about 20 minutes to get to Cameron’s 2:30 pick up after loading McKenzie into the car, I was cutting it real close!  If my mil could be there at 2:30 to meet Cameron when she got out of school then I just come and hand McKenzie off to her and she would be able to take her to her house for a play date until we came to pick her up after 4.  She agreed with the idea and also said we could stay for dinner on Wednesdays since our old routine was that she and husband would bring a cooked meal to our house every Thursday night and we would have family time with them on a regular basis.  With the girls new gymnastics schedule Wednesdays after cross country just works out better.  Remember that this first Wednesday that we were to try this new weekly ritual was Brent’s birthday so we had plans to out to dinner with the Grandparents and the kids but still meet at my mil’s house.

The day started out great, the girls each made their father birthday cards, everyone was on time for school, I even had a rare chance to grab a cup of tea with a friend before Zumba.  After Zumba, which always makes me feel so energized, I came home to do some work on the computer.  Now with the rest of the day set up for the girls I just went into work mode!  Somehow in my mind though I didn’t need to take off until 2:10 and that’s actually what I emailed my web designer .

Around 1:20 I started to heat up my lunch still pretty relaxed.  About 2:10 I started to get my things together to get in the car for pick up when an alarming and sick feeling washed over me.  I was supposed to have picked up McKenzie at 2 from reading group and already be en route to Cameron’s school to meet my mil!!!  I grabbed my keys and immediately started dialing McKenzie’s teacher, no answer.  Then I dialed my friend who also has a daughter in the same reading group and lives near the school, I thought to myself, at least she could pick her up for me, an image of McKenzie crying on the sidewalk popped in my mind.  Her teacher would NEVER just leave her alone and the fact that she hadn’t even called me yet should have alerted me that I thought it was more of a problem than anyone else.  Again, no answer, so I called the teacher again,this time leaving a frantic message.

I started driving to the freeway to pick McKenzie up although I had to be at Cameron’s school in 15 minutes but all the while knowing that at least my mil would be there for her, but who would be there for McKenzie, she is my baby remember?!?  Just then, the teacher returned my call and I almost burst into tears while I admitted that I forgot to pick McKenzie up.  She was calm and concerned but mostly calm.  She said my friend was actually still at the school and did I want to speak with her, I said YES!  My friend was also calm and said she could take McKenzie with her and did I want to pick her up  after cross country practice.  That wasn’t an option though since we were heading to go to birthday dinner after practice so I asked her to meet me.  She has an older son that gets out of school at 3 so she was basically tethered to the Montlake area.

At this point I’m driving in circles near my house and I don’t know where to go, so I pull over to try and think of a plan to get McKenzie but also participate in Cameron’s cross country practice since I am an assistant coach and she pretty much won’t run without me(don’t ask me what’s going to happen on Sunday for their first meet).  I decided to go to Cameron’s school( by this time it’s 2:20, meet my in-laws and persuade them that they need to meet up with my friend and pick up McKenzie.

Now I should preface this with the fact that my in-laws are the sweetest, best in-laws out here but they do not like to go out of their comfort zone.  They love to do the same trips every year, road trips to either San Francisco, San Jose, Reno or Las Vegas.  Although they love road trips driving around in unfamiliar places(ie anywhere in Seattle they do no frequent) is daunting for them, so this was going to be a stretch since I had to convince them to meet my friend in Montlake near the library,the first place we thought of but then eventually the Elementary school since time kept marching on.  My in-laws were slightly reluctant to go all the way to Montlake but they did it anyways!  In my mind I imagined McKenzie would be hurt and upset at me for not remembering to pick her up, fortunately for me, she was unscathed by my mistake.  After cross country practice she was having a popcorn snack hanging out with her grandma and grandpa.

I admitted my error to my husband and my boot camp group the following morning.  Although my husband seemed concerned at first, when I told him how McKenzie was in good hands throughout the entire ordeal he seemed more concerned about me and the work I’ve been doing.  He told me to slow down a little.  At boot camp my stepmother-in law(my father in law has had 3 wives, I have a lot of mils) told me very kindly that I had committed one of my worst mistakes, survived it(with the help of a great friend and my amazing in-laws), and that I simply needed to let it go.  I still think about forgetting my baby but the way everyone rallied around me and the fact that McKenzie was unaware of the whole incident help me forgive myself.  So there you have it, my confession for the week!

Replies for “I have a confession to make”

  • Anamaria Baralt

    Oh honey, don’t feel bad. I had the same exact thing happen to me last year with Zach. I completely forgot school lets out early on Fridays. I too had visions of him crying in the office waiting for me. But when I arrived, he said, “Oh hi, Mom. How was your day?” They get over it fast.

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