New technology is on the way!

So a technology genius I am not but today I went in to the AT&T store and got some new equipment for the new business.  I had a Galaxy S, which was old but was actually my first smartphone!  Well I upgraded to the Galaxy SIII and I also got a tablet, which is NOT an IPad but I think it’s going to be just fine.  My sales guy told me that if all the portholes are closed I could put a movie on and submerge the thing in water!!!  Well for boot camp that is a MUST!!!

Just a little background on me and technology, I somehow missed the curve on it.  When I was attending the UW most people (myself included) had word processors in their dorm rooms, no one had a pc, they all went to the computer lab on campus!  I had no need for email since I was from Seattle and everyone I talked to was a local phone call away, so I never thought I had use for the computer lab.  After college I never ended up using my degree, I just worked my same restaurant job in a high end Japanese restaurant in the Westin Hotel downtown.  So again, really no need for a computer or the skills to go along with it.  I don’t even think I got my first cell phone until I was at least 25!  I remember that being a BIG deal to me.  The first PC my husband and I bought was back in 2003, and really it was because we were planning our wedding and I just went bridezilla one day and declared I needed in my pursuit for all things wedding!  We had a tech friend at the time and basically he built us one and did all the set up for us, so again, I did not really know what I was doing, our friend got us through most of the “technical” stuff.  So spoiled but not very smart, since neither of us had much of a clue how to do more than surf the net!  Fast forward to 2012 and I am still discovering new things day by day, just learned what a “cloud” is the other day.

So bottom line, things will be so great once I get everything synced up, but as of this moment a lot is in disarray.  After I write this I need to add some contacts back to my phone that did not get transferred, sigh, manually!  When I tried to sync my phone with my email I ran into a screen that asked me what type of account, and the 3 options were literally foreign to me.  So although I’ve Zumba-ed twice today and went to cross country practice with my Kindergartner daughter were the adults had to be “it” twice in freeze tag and once the entire cross country team was it, totally exhausted, I have a bit of a night ahead of me!  I will prevail though whether I figure it out myself by doing a lot of googling or by taking a trip back to the AT&T store tomorrow after boot camp!  Wish me luck!

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