What a GREAT morning !

Thank you to all the ladies that showed up today, I think you all did great! We had a couple of new faces today, such a great addition to the group! It was a bit of a stronger work out today since we’re going into the weekend and I won’t be seeing you all until Tuesday. If anyone can get some moving in, maybe a run or bike ride with or without the kids, any sustained activity that brings on some sweat, aim for as low as 20 if that’s all you have time for or bust out an entire hour, that would be AWESOME!!! Every little bit helps, remember my ON DEMAND videos helped me shed 15lbs. from just the consistency! I’m liking this guy named Robert Jones, he even has some great 10-12 minute videos that you can just repeat 2x’s if you can’t find any other video you like, which is impossible, there are tons!!! If you have to wake up and throw on your work out gear, whatever it takes-DO IT!!! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Tuesday!

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