7 Day Fall Detox

Today is the 2nd day of my Fall Detox by Marathon Health and Wellness.  I met an amazing nutritionist through my step-mother-in law a couple of weeks ago, her name is Pamela Ridgway.  I was inspired by her the moment I met her.  she is 3x’s cancer survivor and although she’s near 60, she doe NOT look it AT ALL!!!  You can check her out at                                                           www.marthonhealthandwellness.com .

I mainly doing this Fall Detox because I am curious to what it can do for my body, physically as well as emotionally.  I know that exercise is great for your body but if you are not nourishing it well, then your results can be greatly impacted.  I always knew the 2 went hand in hand, so here I am.  I’m not just looking to drop pounds, I’m looking to see if it can help with my eczema which always flairs up when the season changes from summer to fall, especially on my shoulders and back.  I’ve been really irritable it seems since I became a mother, but a lot has changed in my body so well see if feeding it “clean foods” can work on that as well.

It’s the end of day 2, day 1 was GREAT but I was in the kitchen for 2 whole hours at the end of my night, prepping for the next couple of days.  I made a delicious, rich Thai squash soup that I added extra zucchini and bell peppers to for added texture  along with seared scallops( cooked by my husband) and a salad with kale, romaine, spinach, and fresh figs with a simple dressing of raw cider vinegar, grated garlic, minced anchovies and olive oil.  I wasn’t as prepared for day 1 as I liked( partying at a friend’s 40th Saturday night left me useless Sunday) but I felt pretty good and really wanted to give the Fall Detox a try.  I had bought all of these fresh ingredients so I wanted to just get the show on the road!  Getting all of the supplies was a bit spendy, I think I went to Trader Joe’ s and spent about $80 and another $40 at the PCC. I know you can’t put a price tag on health but I still need a few things and those cost really don’t cover my protein for the day.  Those costs were for the pantry items I would need, raw honey, raw cider vinegar, raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  Good stuff, but stuff I didn’t have on hand and usually don’t buy.  I  really like the organic coconut oil and raw cider vinegar, I will most definitely incorporate them into my life!

So here’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 days.  When I get up I drink a couple of elixirs, I think they are to alkalize my body.  Tart but tolerable!   I will say that the Knudsen’s Cranberry Concentrate is very tart, small and EXPENSIVE, over $10 for 8 fl. oz.  But if it will ward off UTI’s I’d pay anything!  After I drink the elixirs I get the kids up and get them going.  I have a smoothie for breakfast which is more than I have been having since summer and school started.  Missing breakfast for me was extremely disappointing since I am an advocate that breakfast starts up your metabolism and gives you a boost to your day.  My kids are actually struggling with breakfast in the morning and it’s all on me.  That really used to be their best meal, nowadays it is mainly eaten in the car on the way to school.  I WILL fix this for them and I will give myself a smoothie!  Today’s was a yummy pumpkin cream smoothie that I actually roasted and pureed the pumpkin myself last night, kind of proud!  That’s also a new favorite drink of mine!

Most days I’m on the go from when I drop my youngest McKenzie off at 9am until I pick her up at 1pm.  4 hours is not as long as you might think for preschool!  Today was just like the rest so I packed some salad(kale,spinach, and romaine topped with roasted acorn squash and sweet potatoes with my same vinaigrette and pumpkins seeds for crunch.  I also made a pumpkin seed pate that I was very disappointed that I left at home this morning…I had wanted to bring it to boot camp as a post workout snack and a sampling of how I’m eating to my ladies!!!  But I forgot it and will see if it will hold up until Thursday, i was so proud of it, it really tastes good and fresh.  I’m unable to get it finer with the tools I have, but I have the feeling I would love it even more if it were the consistency of a paste, that’s how I like my pate!  Today’s dinner had to be a bit more simple since my girls have gymnastics from 4-5, and they are usually starving when we get home!  I actually adapted a couple of my usual recipes for tonight’s dinner.  We all ate the same stuff more or less( unlike day 1’s dinner, the kids pizza, my husband had won ton noodle soup with brisket and I had my clean meal-I felt kind of bad that we were not eating the same stuff) but one of my daughter’s ate rice with her meal and I ate a bowl of Thai squash soup.  I made turkey patties with grated garlic, grated onion, diced red pepper and shredded zucchini.  I usually flavor it with Worcestershire sauce but today I only used Braggs Liquid Aminos.  I started using that instead of soy sauce since going to Pt. Townsend to my step-mother-law’s, Bubbe(BU’BEE) as my kids call her, in mid summer.  It has less sodium than soy sauce (460mg in 1/2 tsp) vs. Braggs 160mg , which I love because I LOVE salty flavors.  I have never tried Braggs on sushi or sashimi( sliced raw fish) and I may reserve my soy sauce for those times but I’d be willing to try.  We also had a popular veggie side dish that I always cook, steamed broccoli with garlic sauce.  Today I added a little cauliflower to the mix, steamed it with the broccoli and drained.  I put the veggies in a serving dish and drizzled a little Braggs all over.  On the stove a took whole cracked garlic cloves in a 1/4 cup pf olive, maybe less, shallow so the garlic can brown gently one side at a time, med heat.  When the garlic is golden brown I por it over the veggies and Braggs. The kids love eating it, my husband and I love that they eat it up since it’s veggies!  Not too glamorous but it was good.  I didn’t take any pictures today, that’s how unglamourous it was but I’ll have some for tomorrow, also I will download the ones threw on Face Book late last night.

During this detox it also comes with instructions to do good things for yourself each day and be sure to SLEEP, which I have been having a difficult time with lately.  I stay way to late on the computer or trying to wind down that I end up only getting about 6 hours a night.  I require so much more, I know this but I continue to stay up, whether its just to watch senseless TV or work on something business related!?!  So I’m going to honor my body during this detox and cut it short right now.  I also gave myself an afternoon yoga jolt at the Grinning Yogi on 15th.  It was 35 minutes of heated yoga, it felt indulgent but easy.  I was able to get to McKenzie’s pick up at 1 right on time!  In the detox Pamela suggest to”honor yourself this week” and that yoga was a beginning.  On that note, I will honor myself once again and day Good Night!

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