Day 3 of Fall Detox

So I’m hoping this detox will get some of the irritability I seem to carry with me a lot of the time!  So far, not working!  I think I need to get more sleep, but right now, that doesn’t seem possible!  A fellow Mama friend of mine sent me a book she co wrote with doctor basically on this very subject of changing your natural reaction to things that irritate you.  I’m in the process of reading this because my friend suggested I work on the inside emotional stuff as I go along on this detox!  I’ll let you know how it goes, so far, it’s got me pegged to a T!

I feel pretty good, actually quite trim, I think it’s from the lack of refined sugar and gluten, because normally I’m kind of a cracker junkie…I love pretzels and cheesy crackers!  Sweets are not my weakness but you lay a baguette down in front of me with some really good cheese and there will be trouble!  I’m really not craving anything right now, maybe missing rice a little but for the most part I’m ok.  I’d say the convenience factor of crackers and the like are what I’m really missing.

I made a detox soup today with tons of veggies and I had that with a bit of sauteed calamari.  It took me awhile to get the soup together so my husband and the kids ate without me, that made me feel a little sad!  I feel it’s important to eat as a family together.  I tried to prep the soup earlier and I did all of the chopping but with my hectic lifestyle it needed to be completed before the kids were picked up!!!  I will try again tomorrow, at least I have soup ready for my lunch tomorrow.  I’m also bringing in my pumpkin seed pate to my boot camp ladies tomorrow to see how they like it!  This is kind of a short, uneventful entry, but I’m tired with kind of a long week and weekend ahead of me, so that’s it for now!  Promise to add my photos soon…the best one’s going to be my before(ugh) and after picture!!!

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