Day 4 of Fall Detox

Ok everyone, this is going to be short and sweet because I need to get my daughter’s flamingo costume ready for her Halloween carnival tomorrow night!  Tomorrow is absolutely crazy with a 9 am client right after I drop McKenzie off at preschool, then turn right around to chaperon her field trip to a pumpkin patch.  We’ll get back right on time to go pick up Cameron from school and then we can go home for a short break, because we have a dress rehearsal for Cameron’s ballet performance on Saturday.  No not finished yet…we have the rehearsal from 4-5, come home to pick up Brent and our costumes and zip back up to Cameron’s school for the carnival!  I’ll have to keep up my clean eating through all of this, and I will be prepared.  Bottom line of this detox or any other clean eating way of life, it is possible but you really have to want it!  Aside from feeling a little thinner, I AM NOT more energized and I pretty sure it has to do with the added prepping, cooking and blogging I am doing.  I am NOT able to get to bed earlier during this, because on top of my already crazy duties as a mom and new business owner, I have to make everything that goes into my mouth!!!  If only there were a few more hours in a day, things wold be so perfect!

Whoa, what a rant, guess I was emotionally detoxing.  Just a tad bit anxious about all that’s going on.  I do need to slow down and nourish my body during this time.  I’m cleaning out the inside but I’m still going at a crazy pace.  The book my friend sent me yesterday(I’m not even sure of the title) did calm me just a tad this afternoon in some irritating parent moments when my daughter McKenzie cried all the way from Wallingford down I5 in a slight bit of traffic to the MLK exit( about 25 minutes0 ), I was able to remain calm and ignore her.  In the book it talked of not reacting initially to a situation but rather pause and make a choice at that moment instead of automatically reacting.  My usual reaction would be to threat or add to the chaos.  I had just eaten a lunch of Detox 101 Soup that I added fish to and some of my roasted vegetables.  I had a few bites of leftover calamari too.  I was well nourished to take on McKenzie’s wrath which she later admitted was due to because she was hungry.  She’s cranky when she’s got an empty stomach, I think she didn’t eat much of her lunch although most of the containers were empty.  I was actually able to stop and think before I reacted, just the stopping part alone was different and refreshing.  Glad my friend sent me that book, perfect timing!

Dinner was pretty good, Broccoli and Arugula soup with Greek Lamb.  I was able to prep the soup before the girls and I left for their gymnastics class and marinate the lamb, a little olive oil, garlic, lemon, salt and pepper.  For the girls they had some lamb, kale chips (that I made while making the soup), and a little leftover pizza and chicken from last night.  they were both hungry after gymnastics.  It’s so cold outside I thought a Broccoli soup just sounded so comforting and warm.  It was pretty good, especially with the added lemon zest and juice I topped it with.  I think my newly graduated CIA(Culinary Institute of America) friend’s, who now lives in Nappa Valley, gremolata would be perfect on top of this soup and I am going to get that recipe and add it for tomorrow’s dinner.  Which possibly tomorrow I won’t get to blogging, I have a CRAZY day which I may need to cut back somewhere on!  I’ll work on it and by the way, I still need to go fix that flamingo costume so Good Night!


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