Day 6 but posting for Day5 as well

Good morning,  I had to take the day off of blogging yesterday, it was my treat to myself for the day since it was so non-stop hectic!  I decided my body really needed SLEEP so that’s what I honored myself with.  I wasn’t even able to check my emails yesterday even though I have a smartphone, that’s HOW busy things were yesterday.

I started the day off with my 2 elixirs, then I had a yummy berry pie smoothie for breakfast on my way to drop off for my youngest daughter McKenzie.  This is such a yummy smoothie even McKenzie can’t resist it!  She loves smoothies but she will not even try the pumpkin one( it is kind of ugly but delicious) and the blackberry one I made on Monday was tart, I hadn’t yet got my hands on any Stevia yet so she tasted a sip of that one and promptly stuck her tongue out!  Once we got to her school my usual Friday client was waiting for me in front of her school.  I had to ask her to meet me there and that we would just conduct our session in the neighborhood close by so I could get back to the school right after and chaperon the field trip to the pumpkin patch.  So we busted out our workout and I was back to the school just in time for circle time, just as McKenzie and her teacher had requested.

I was a driver and the pumpkin patch is all the way up in Snohomish, it’s a great pumpkin patch but it was raining pretty steadily yesterday the entire time we were there.  A lot of the fun activities were no longer available, like the ride on toys, and for some reason we didn’t get to go to the corn pit which is my daughter’s favorite.  The entire field trip seemed a bit rushed due to the rain and COLD, true Washington fall day!  After we picked out our pumpkins our teacher said we could head back to the school but I wanted extra pumpkins for the house so our car and one other opted to stay and eat lunch in the covered picnic area.  I had pre planned lunch the night before for me and my co-parent chaperon, we had a really great salad with kale, spinach, and romaine, with red bell pepper, pomegranate and avocado topped with my homemade vinaigrette dressing.  And 2 kid sized thermoses of  my broccoli and arugala soup.  The soup was perfect for the cold weather, my friend was so grateful I had brought it!  I picked out four awesome pumpkins and then ate lunch with our tiny bunch, then we headed back to Seattle.  Originally the field trip was to end at 2 pm so I had asked my father-in-law to go Cameron’s school and wait with her in case I was late getting to her, good thing I did, I wasn’t able to get to her until 2:50, 20 minutes after she’s released!  Long story short we had a crazy day of ballet dress rehearsal, Halloween carnival and all the fun in between( I had a more detailed paragraph but it got wiped out somehow and I just don’t have the time or patience to rewrite it…for I have a party I need to get to in less than an hour-plus I need a shower and I’m roasting veggies all at the same time!!!)

I think you get the point that I’m incredibly busy but yet I’m on this Fall Detox.  I’m doing it first for myself and my body but really in the long run I’m doing it for my entire family.  There is nothing more that I want on this earth than to be around for my girls and my husband, to live a long active life!!!  That is why I do this, eat healthy, prepare my own food, as soon as I get in the rhythm of this( which I kind of am) I’m going to clean up the entire family’s eating, just you watch!  On that note I need to get a move on and get ready for the party I’m attending, the ballet performance Cameron has tonight at 8 pm and another Halloween party my husband wants to take all of us to later!  Is anyone as dizzy from all this as I am?  Just kidding, that’s the life of a clean eating, hands on mom, and personal trainer business woman!

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