Day7 Fall Detox

Well the weekend proved to be a bit much for a busy mom detoxing.  It comes down to poor planning on my part but I was so exhausted from Friday and not packing a nourishing dinner to take to the carnival did me in, for a bit of Saturday too!  With our busy schedule I pretty much skipped lunch which is NOT a smart thing for me ever!!!  I had a wonderful clean early dinner though at my step-mother-in law’s,  Bubba since we were celebrating her birthday and she’s the one who hipped me to Pamela and this detox in the first place.  I made roasted veggies with fennel, sweet potatoes, onions, red peppers and asparagus.  There was a Delicata squash dish I indulged in even though I think it may have had a bit of butter, it was really good.  A clean beef stew, baked salmon and a few other dishes I could not partake in.  My kids barely ate anything, McKenzie did like the stew which was more like a soup but the meat was so tender and broth really tasty, she couldn’t resist.  Bubba’s stepfather has Celiac disease so there were a lot of gluten free options in the way of bread and muffins but since I’m off grains for awhile, I did not get to taste any.  There were even gluten and dairy free cupcakes which my girls scarfed down, which normally McKenzie will only eat the frosting!  So there’s a little hope for my girls yet, in the way of cleaning up their eating!

My oldest daughter Cameron had her first ballet performance last night and she and her group were great!  Now, let me explain my daughter Cameron, I once thought she was an extreme introvert.  At previous school activities where she would have to perform anything( I mean as simple as a jog-a-thon with her classmates and teachers would overwhelm her) and we just completed cross country at her new school.  Let’s just say I ran every meet just ahead of her.  She cries normally…she is shy and she says the people scare her.  I always tell her that the people are not laughing at you, they are just so happy for you to be doing whatever you are doing.  This time I took a different approach.  I told her it was perfectly normal to be scared, that her fellow ballerinas were probably feeling the same way.  I told her it was ok  to be scared but she just had to smile and do the best she could.  They had been practicing for more than a month so I knew she knew the routine.  Usually right before the event she will cling to me or my leg and start to cry which really kind of makes me mad.  She was kind of hanging around me while the other ballerinas were frolicking and running around, but her teacher who is an amazing mother, friend and retired dancer herself herded the girls including Cameron to the back to prepare for their entrance.  I could see Cameron who was partnered with a friend who she has known for the past 3 years goofing off and laughing together and I knew from that moment she would be ok.  Cameron is not the best friend type of girl who squeals when she sees a friend, she’s quiet and doesn’t mind being alone. I love her so much, sometimes I think she’s lonely but she chooses to be alone and I love that about her.  She does join in with others but it is always when she feels ready!  I admire that about my 6 year old, I really do.  I did bribe her that if she performed without tear that we could have a date, just her and I to go do an activity of her choice.  I gave her the choices of getting her first professional pedicure alongside me, the aquarium( one of  her favorite places) or we could have afternoon tea, since she just asked me what tea sandwiches were.  She chose tea with me on Thursday since she does not have school due to conferences.  So my little love and I have a date at Queen Mary’s for this Thursday!  I think I’ll still be detoxing so I’ll have to look over the menu and see if I will be noshing anything or just having some tea with her, it will still be absolutely amazing!!!

My husband let’s me sleep in on the weekends, which is awesome.  I’m one of those people that require or just love a lot of sleep.  If you let me sleep 12 hours it would be heaven.  I would wake up on my own at intervals but choose to nod back off.  Well this afternoon we had the matinee performance for Cameron so I had to get up at 10 am, which is still really indulgent compared to my 6 am weekday mornings.  Although I was able to drink both of my elixirs, I did not have anything to make a smoothie for breakfast out of so I had 2 pieces of bacon and took Cameron and McKenzie to the performance.  NOT a good idea…I should have at least left McKenzie home because not only was I poorly nourished, my allergies were in full effect today. I was sneezing multiple times uncontrollably and my eczema felt terrible.  I’m going to check in with Pamela about that in the morning but my nose is still irritating me.  Hoping this is just coming out of my system from the detox but it made me pretty irritable.  I also need to talk with her about taking this detox longer so I will be blogging more which is great because my author friend wants me to read more of her book and blog about that too!  That is kind of exciting because this book has not even been published yet, it’ll be like a sneak peek!

I got right back on track when I got home after the performance which is good because I was biting my daughters’ heads off.  they were bickering since they were hungry too and I was about to loose it!  We stopped at home to get Brent for a family fun day but had a wonderful lunch first.  The girls ate udon noodles with spinach and we shared some grapefruit while I had a great salad with a peppery mix of greens and steamed beats.  I topped it with 4 pan seared scallops for protein and proceeded to eat some detox soup that is still lasting in the fridge.  We headed out to go bowling( Cameron’s pick) but were turned away, bowling is popular in the dreary fall and winter months in Seattle so we decided to go to the waterfront to walk around and possibly ride the ferris wheel if the line wasn’t too bad.  We settled for the carousel and games but had a good family fun day even though everyone was kind of tired from the entire on the go week!  My husband had made beef curry for him and McKenzie( Cameron doesn’t like any thick stews or curries) and so I cooked a meal of thin sliced beef that I marinated in Braggs Liquid Aminos with grated ginger and garlic then pan seared them med rare.  I roasted sweet potatoes, onions and acorn squash with a little coconut oil and rosemary and I sauteed some baby bokchoy with slivered ginger and garlic.  Yummy dinner!  I’ve got some leftovers which should take care of lunch tomorrow and I have an idea of tomorrows dinner.  What I’m most excited for is Bubba will be joining me in this detox on Tuesday so we can swap stuff, like extra soup or roasted veggies. I think that will make things a little easier and more exciting palate wise!  This is going to be a great week, now I’m off to hang with the hubby for a bit!  Good Night!


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