Day 9, Going for 21

We’ll see if I make it…it would sure help if I was doing this with someone else!!!  Bubba, my step-mother-in-law was supposed to start today but she didn’t.  I think she’ll start up any day now so there is some comfort in that.  I didn’t post yesterday but I did cook cauliflower and parsnip mash for dinner along side pan seared catfish and a little wilted lemon spinach.  Dinner was good but it wiped me out since I cooked dinner for my husband and the kids.  It was a favorite dish of theirs but it has a lot of steps and I call it high maintenance.  Good thing they appreciated it!  I felt like I was in the kitchen FOREVER, if I wasn’t cooking I was washing dishes, a little burnt out!!!  I ended up taking a bath in Epson Salt as Pamela recommended.  I checked in with her yesterday and told her about my itchy , irritated skin and sneezy nose.  She thought the sneezing was coming from all of the crazy wind we’ve been having.  I ran the idea of my skin being so irritated since the detox must finally be kicking in I told her I felt like I wanted to go more than the 7 days.  So here I am, committing to another 2 weeks!  I really love how my body is feeling right now.  I’m still a little tired but if you saw my schedule, you would be too, whatever you were eating!  So I’m cutting this short today so I can go take another bath( I think I like them more than I thought) and go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Tomorrow is Halloween and we have plans to go to my father-in-law’s house for dinner and Trick or Treating.  I have plans to make a papaya salad with sliced beef( kind of Vietnamese or Thai sounding) and a raw avocado soup! I did make some Raw beanless hummus today that came out so yummy it shocked me!  I brought it to my daughters’ gymnastics class to share with one of my boot campers and she and her young son really liked it!  Well, the bath awaits me!  Good Night.

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