21 days on Fall Detox

Well I made it through 21 days on the Marathon Health and Wellness Fall Detox.  I’m feeling a lot less bloated and quit slim especially not eating my favorite staples of rice, bread or crackers on a daily basis.  Overall I’ve lost 5lbs. and 2 inches from my waist, 2 from my thigh and 1.5 from my hips.  The fact that I only lost 5 lbs. was something that both Pamela and I wondered about.  We came up with the idea that my portion control is out of whack and that I really need to focus more on that.  Being 5’3” tall but weighing 141lbs will give you a rather borderline high BMI, something that I don’t really put so much faith into since it has no way of calculating how much of your body weight is made up of muscle or fat.  I happen to think I have a lot of muscle therefor my BMI being at 25 which, a desirable BMI ranges from 18.5-24.9.  A BMI of 25-29.9 or a person who is 25-30lbs. over the recommended weight for their height is considered overweight.  So with a BMI of 25 I’m considered overweight.  Being a trainer, this does not sit well, so I will continue in pursuit of loosing 5 more lbs. by ramping up my workouts(restart running) and remain in detox mode.  No refined sugar, no grains, no gluten , no processed foods, no eggs and no dairy.

I’m getting used to preparing everything on my own and am even better at being prepared with my lunch and snack.  It does help to have Bubba in detox mode as well, we haven’t swapped a ton of stuff but I have been over to her place to cook a couple of times and that in itself is pleasurable to me.  Kind of visiting while I cook, which cooking is something I really enjoy but haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to lately.  I especially got out of the habit and enjoyment of cooking when I injured my achilles and was unable to move around the kitchen easily.  Brent had taken up almost all of the cooking and somewhere in those 9 months of recovery I just got out of the routine of one of my favorite pastimes!  I really love to cook, especially for my family and loved ones.  Through an injury and then your first born going to Kindergarten plus starting up my own business…no wonder I’ve not had time to hang out in the kitchen, much too many committees and sports to partake in.  There is another thing I can be great full for this detox is, getting me back to one of my passions, cooking!

Today I just made a yummy butternut squash and kale soup.  I always think of butternut squash having to be pureed in soups but this one had a nice dice on it and I threw it in to simmer and become soft but still retain it’s shape.  I prefer broth like soups anyways so this one was really good with celery and onions and kale which I added near the end after the butternut squash was done, next time I think I will through it in halfway when the butternut squash is done.  I also have found a true love for a plain sweet potato that I wash the skin off really well, prick it allover , and  wrap in foil and bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes or  until tender.  It will also start spewing out a sweet liquid that carmelizes, so yummy. I’ll try it with out wrapping in foil next since I think the carmelized stuff I like will get all over the pan and be extra yummy.  I have to admit, I’m kind of missing sweets, and they are not my thing.  We were discussing our Thanksgiving Day menu and when someone brought up coconut cake, my mouth wanted it!!!  It’s been a rough 3 weeks, I feel like coconut cake is stalking me!  I bought a huge slice from the tea shop where I had tea with my daughter Cameron and then when we went to a birthday party there was an entire coconut cake from my favorite Hawaiian bakery!  Seriously, I’m not that into desserts but something about coconut cakes makes me want it!  If it does show up at Thanksgiving, I will indulge!  A bite or maybe even a piece, we’ll see!

I’ve been pretty strict with the detox.  I do think I’m allowing myself a little more meat than the detox calls for but I feel with giving up so much, I allow myself more, which I need to stop!  I haven’t even allowed myself caffeinated tea, which means twice while at Chinese restaurants I’ve had only ice water.  I bet the servers thought I was so rude, but I just couldn’t have anything there, everything had either gluten, grains, or egg in it so I just drank water!

I will also say a downfall of detoxing is that a lot of the time, eating is social.  Most of my ladies nights center around dinner or drinks, and did I ever mention how much I LOVE social drinking?!?  I love having wine(lot’s of it) or cocktails, I actually drink vodka sodas with lime, because I can polish them off without blinking an eye, and I’ve gone through a handful of occasions where I have been dry, that’s pretty amazing for me!  I haven’t done the cod liver oil packs to help detox my liver but I SHOULD!

I know there was a gap in my BLOG lately but it was just one of the things I had to give up.  I’ve been so busy with my regular schedule and cooking, shopping, prepping my detox stuff I had to give up something, but I traded it in for sleep.  I slept quite a bit this weekend, my wonderful husband Brent gets up with the girls on the weekend and let’s me catch up on much needed sleep!  I’m just one of those people that needs sleep, I usually get 6-7 hours a night during the week but although I get up when the girls do on the weekend I go back to sleep for at least 2-3 more hours, so appreciated, by everyone!  No one likes grumpy mommy!  So onward with the detox, we’ll see what happens, if I can drop these last 5 lbs. in time for Thanksgiving then I can have some coconut cake.  If not, then I’ll be making myself a pumpkin cream smoothie, won’t I!

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