28 days of my Fall Detox

Well I did it!  28 days today, I will admit that this weekend I cheated, but it was all for a good cause.  My daughter Cameron’s school had a Luau fundraiser which I was on the committee for, so I had a couple of shots with friends and family to celebrate and I had more than a few bites of cake, good Hawaiian cake that I could just not resist.  I had resisted for almost 4 weeks but this cake which my husband donated to the Luau, I just had to have a few bites of, I did not eat the entire piece and it was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I must make another confession that last night at a family party I had some red wine, probably 6 oz. total and a sliver of gingerbread cake, it was a party so I let myself have that!  Yesterday I also spent 4 hours in the kitchen prepping for the holiday week.  I made raw zucchini hummus, a detox pesto, I roasted a pumpkin for the puree and a spaghetti squash so I would have “noodles” for a sauce Bubba gave me since she left town for the week, but I think it went bad already, the date on it was from 11/8!!!  It looked really good though, a tomato sauce with a touch of coconut cream or something to make it look nice and creamy, I was kind of excited about that sauce.  I ended up eating some spaghetti squash today for lunch topped with a butternut squash and veggie curry I made last week, it was spicy and good!  I liked it on top of my spaghetti squash, since I’m still not eating rice or grains yet.  Not sure when I will add those back to my diet, I feeling so good right now…I’ve lost 8lbs. and 4 inches throughout my waist, hips and thighs.  I do have energy, which before I would notice that about half an hour after eating I would feel sleepy.  I will say that I miss crunchy crackers in my mouth but not in my belly, I squelch those cravings with homemade kale chips and toasted pumpkins seeds.  I can’t make them fast enough though since my kids also enjoy them as much as I do!

I have decided to keep up with the clean eating and will have to check in with Pamela on how to navigate through that.  I’m so used to my detox right now, I’m tentative to add too much in.  It’s strange that this weekend at the Luau, I also allowed myself to have a bit of the beef stir fry and some of the teriyaki chicken which I’m positive had gluten in, not to mention the cake, but I did NOT have my ususal sneezing attack the next day so maybe I was wrong about being violently allergic to gluten, nonetheless, I will keep my distance from it, I did notice however on Sunday I felt a bit bloated!!!  I was feeling so svelt and possibly that is why I caved but it was a time of celebration for all the hard work and planning, I think it’s ok to live a little now and then!  Liquor and wine are truly 2 of my vices but I’m willing to cut down considerably to look and feel better! I promise I will get photos inserted into these posts, it would make my blog so much more interesting!  I’ve got to get off this computer now though, I have boot camp in the morning and just need to unplug and go to bed!  Good Night!

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