Great day followed by a BAD Day

I haven’t posted much lately, but I’m still detoxing.  Today is my 13th day and it’s a bad one, but that’s my own fault!  Yesterday was one of the best feeling days of the entire detox.  Everything was going great, I had energy, my mind was calm and positive and everything just seemed to work out in my favor, traffic, parking, timing, everything!  That came on the heels of a very frustrating Thursday in which I felt as though I had come down with a UTI!!!  I am very susceptible  to them and was VERY frustrated that after over 10 days of drinking my morning elixir which is expensive cranberry concentrate( it’s over $10 for 8 fluid ounces) that I was experiencing all the horrible symptoms of one.  To top it off, I had planned a very special day with my daughter Cameron to have afternoon tea in celebration of her performing her ballet show without tear, an epic feat for Ms. Cameron whom cries at ANYTHING where there is any type of audience.  But when I woke up Friday morning my UTI symptoms disappeared and I felt great.  I had a put in a call to Pamela the night before just to ask her if I should continue on with the cranberry concentrate( duh) because I was at the PCC to pick up more but was struggling with the price tag, what if I don’t finish the whole bottle,  but I WILL!!!  She ended up calling me on Friday morning and she said it was a “good” thing that I was feeling the symptoms of the UTI, it meant my body was getting rid of all that bacteria and toxins and if I felt ok now I was fine!!! So I went happily about my busy day all the while knowing my husband and I were having a date night that evening and that always brightens my day as well.

We had initially planned to go out for dinner to our favorite Korean restaurant and hang out at a hookah lounge.  I thought by steering us away from Korean food I would be safe.  I was sure there would be gluten hiding somewhere in a sauce or soup so I chose to have seafood instead.  We ended up at the waterfront at Crab Pot for a seafood boil and I did not want to make a huge fuss so I did not ask what they put in the boil.  I think there may have been gluten somewhere because today I’m feeling very sneezy and irritable.  No bloating necessarily but a little itchy on my skin.  Ok, it could have been the toxins from the hookah too but I seriously blame the salty boil, the crab was delicious though and I had a great time.  I’m just a bit disappointed in myself for not eating at home like you should do when on this wonderful detox.  I’m definitely paying the price today with violent fits of sneezing and being not so kind to my own children.  I forgive myself and will just move on, keep doing what I know I have to.  We’re all going to a birthday party and I already planned to make some roasted veggies to bring but I might bring some other things( raw beanless hummus and a salad) because I don’t want to be tempted with all of the foods that will be there…there is always a really delicious paella and numerous other dishes, hopefully some steak or some other protein, I’d hate to be the girl that has to bring her own meat to a party, I don’t want to be that girl BUT I will!

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