Made it through Thanksgiving eating MOSTLY clean!

So I made it through the holiday, I was satisfied with how I was able to try a few traditional sides that I love but still have plenty of clean foods as well.  We had two parties to attend that day which is actually scaled back from the normal minimum of 3 houses, so Thanksgiving was a rather peaceful event this year.  I held a boot camp in the morning and it went pretty well considering I had 5 people text me on the way to the gym to cancel on me.  I brought my daughters with me and I told everyone else if they had to bring the kids to just do it and not let that be their excuse to not come.  What a turnout after all?!?  We had 11 Fit Club members or their guest as well as 8 kids.  We had a great time getting out sweat on and the kids got some energy out as well.  After our workout I put out some snacks I brought, some veggies and dates with raw zucchini hummus and pecan pate and some Theo’s chocolate which the kids DEVOURED in a flash!  One of the bars was really dark and plain but it still vanished!

I had been prepping some dishes the night before and had to get home to finish them up since our first “dinner” was at 3 pm.  I simmered a huge pot of ox tail soup for our second party with our Hawaiian friends and it had been going all night, the veggies just needed to be added.  I also made a kale salad that I had found in a magazine and except for the cheese on top it was right up my alley!  I added toasted almonds and chopped dates with a light lemon vinaigrette,  simple yet tasty.  I also made some roasted veggies which I drizzeled truffle oil over after they came out and used them to top a second salad for our second party as well as some honey glazed carrots with garlic( also found in a magazine).  I was cooking from the time we got home from boot camp until we had to leave with time to take a shower and wash my hair!

My father in law’s house was first, his turkey was truly picture worthy.  Turkey is not my favorite but it really was beautiful.  The Matsui’s do all gatherings right so there was anything your heart could desire.  Yukon gold mashed potatoes, stuffing, 3 kinds of cranberries, my kale salad and a spinach and strawberry salad my 13 year old sister in law made.  Pillsbury Grand biscuits, homemade gravy and roasted asparagus rounded out the main meal.  But we Matsui’s also go wild on the appetizers so there was BBQ pork from Kau Kau my husband picked up, stuffed mushrooms, homemade jalepeno poppers, shrimp in the shell for dipping into cocktail sauce, cheese platter, salami and cured meat platter, and a refreshing fruit plate with sliced citrus fruit topped with toasted coconut and pomegranates.  So there were plenty of dairy and gluten free things I could nosh on and make a great meal out of, but I did try a dab of mashed potatoes( I can’t resist Yukon Gold ones) and a dab of stuffing.  I also ate a slice of white meat turkey, kale salad without cheese, asparagus and more citrus fruit.  I also had wine about 3 small glasses so maybe 9 ozs. in total, but that is considerable low for me!  I just thought, happy holidays everyone.  I ate light but I didn’t have lunch which is NEVER a good idea before such a feast!  I was not stuffed after the meal and we had a big team effort to clean up before we all sat down to relax.  We could only relax for about 45 minutes before we had to hit the road and get to our second party.  Although we brought 2 pies to that house we did not have any, it was on to the next feast!

Our second stop was at my husband’s buddies’ house, 3 friends from Kauai that have become like family.  They had invited other friends and had told us to invite our brothers as well.  The kids watched a movie and just played with a back pack full of toys my oldest daughter brought with her to boot camp in the morning.  My husband and I were able to relax for the evening since we didn’t have to head over to the east side for our finale party, it felt really good.  At this party there was roasted turkey AND a spit fire roasted pig!  My ox tail soup was also added to this feast along with Hawaiian stuffing with Portuguese sausage and macadamia nuts.  There was potato salad, mashed potatoes, but also clean dishes that I ate like my salad and honey glazed carrots.  I had roast pig and tasted the turkey which was very juicy, I like the white meat but it’s usually really DRY, was prepared by our friend Calen.  This was his very first turkey he cooked and it came out delicious.  My soup was good, usually I add a few beef bouillon cubes and a huge squirt of ketchup   to add flavor but this time it was all water, veggies, bay leaf and salt.  I may have squirt in some Braggs Liquid Aminos to give it some depth but that’s it!  I wished I had some leftover of that.  I opened a bottle of red wine that I brought and shared it with some girlfriends which was nice, I hadn’t been drinking for this whole month which is very social for me.  I love getting together with friends of certain other family members that drink also and just hang out.  I have to say that I do NOT miss the calories though.  I do believe a large part of this weight loss is due to not drinking, since I can drink a lot, like most of a bottle of red wine, or several cocktails-my drink of choice, Grey Goose and soda with lime. Whoops, looks like I went off on a alcohol tangent, sorry.  Did I mention one of the girls made spiced wine with cinnamon and fruit, pretty yummy.  This party did push me a little over the edge since I did have some dessert, pumpkin gooey butter and another pumpkin dessert- pumpkin sweets are my favorite.  I had small slices of each and later took a small nap while McKenzie was snuggling me.

It was a great holiday and it felt nice to slow down with the girls and family, a break from our rat race of a schedule. My Aunt was in town from Portland and it was her birthday right after Thanksgiving.  My brother in law was also here from Portland and he went to a craft fair with the girls, Auntie Carly and me.  We had one event a day and it always happened to be something celebratory.  I managed to eat clean through all of that too, the day we went to the craft fair the kids and uncle all wanted to eat Dick’s so I took them there.  I had a few fries but I waited to go home and eat something.  My husband and I had a date night on Friday, but we ate at home, just some leftovers from Thanksgiving( it was Black Friday) and went for a nighttime downtown adventure.  We rode the carousel and walked around looking at lights.  It was a sweet date and it didn’t involve eating which is one of my biggest complaints with my husband and our dates.  So I really loved this one which was filled with ease and movement.  My mom and Aunt babysat for us so I knew the kids were safe.  So it was a great holiday and here we are almost to the weekend again, tomorrow is Friday and a little busy for me.  I had a cancellation for my morning client but was able to fill that spot, I believe we are hosting a birthday party tomorrow evening although the girls have ballet from 4-5 and we will help decorate for the Santa Claus Breakfast that the Kindergartners are cohosting with the 2nd and 6th graders.  Cameron’s class is also performing song and dance for the breakfast so it should be amazing, get out the video recorder!  I’ll post the recipes for the 2 dishes I created last night, both clean and vegan!


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