Happy New Year!

2012 was a GREAT year!  I started Jessie’s Fit Club in September, this blog was born, my firstborn child came out of her shell and is no more frightened by standing or performing in front of a crowd(HUGE because there was a point when I truly believed she was an introvert), my husband found the career of his dreams, and I found a great friend and nutritionist Pamela Ridgway.  She is the woman who help to create the Fall Detox I had been blogging about and after doing it decided to make a life change and eat clean on a regular basis.  It has been extremely difficult to maintain with Christmas, New Year and Winter Break for the kids, our schedule is out the door.  Tomorrow we get back in the swing of things with both of my daughters going back to school and activities after being off for about 2 1/2 weeks.  Cameron went back last Thursday so our household was easing back in the swing of things last week.  I’m very glad to be getting back on schedule, so I can clean up my eating and actually get ready to Winter Detox!

This time around I have partnered with Pamela Ridgway and opened up the Winter Detox to first my Jessie’s Fit Club members and then to all the women I know and care about who struggle with weight and bloat.  We have come up with the Get Lean, Get Healthy “Whole Food” 30 Day Challenge.  Pamela and I will be working together with a great group of women to reset their digestive systems and cleanse them of all the inflammatory foods such as dairy, gluten, refined sugars, processed foods, grains and soy for 21 days.  We just had our first meeting tonight to come together and meet one another.  Pamela brought the Winter Detox guide with recipes and tips for how to get ready for this 21 adventure.  We have a good sized group, there are 11 of us.  I plan to host cooking days every Sunday so we can check in with one another and help each other with food preparation for the week.  Tonight we also took baseline measurements and weight for most of the ladies, it was optional so we had someone turn it down and that is perfectly fine.  Everyone has to detox the way they want to so if you don’t want baseline numbers, you don’t have to have them!  Pamela is building a Facebook page so the challengers can communicate with one another, so if it’s open to the public I’ll mention it, I’m not sure if it will be private or not.  No worries though, I will be blogging about it the whole while, possibly with some pictures!  Happy New Year!

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