The Eve of the Get Lean, Get Healthy 30 Day ” Whole Food” Challenge

I’ve partnered with nutritionist Pamela Ridgway to run her Winter Detox with a group of women from Jessie’s Fit Club and my life.  Just to keep it fun and interesting we made it into a Challenge to see who could loose the most weight, inches and change in BMI!  We have already had our first meet and greet where we took baseline measurements and picked up our detox materials.  Today I have arranged an “optional” gathering to come together and cook a few dishes so we can swap and support one another as we embark on an amazing detox…one similar to the Fall detox I started in October and came off losing 8 lbs. and 4 inches.  I also began to eat clean after my detox experience causing me to lose another 2 lbs. throughout Christmas and New Years, and there was A LOT of eating at all of my family gatherings!  I would let myself indulge in nice cheeses or some sort of holiday treat but on the regular day to day I ate clean and was able to control what I was putting into my body!  Since New Years I feel that I haven’t been so diligent on my clean eating quest but I’m hopeful that doing the Winter Detox Challenge with my group will get me back on track!  I have to set an example to my group, it’s definitely worth the effort and time you put into it, especially when you feel and see the results!  this entry is short but I will blog throughout the 21 day Detox, I have to get prepping now to go to my Cookin’ Day party!  Here I go AGAIN!!!

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