March 1st – June 7th Thursdays 3:45 – 4:30PM

JessiesKidFitKidFit is a high energy, fun dance fitness class for for both boys and girls.  There’s tons of explosive dance moves that are simple and repetitive so kids can easily pick up the dances burn up some of that energy they are so abundant in!  There is no experience needed and I foster a kind and nonjudgemental environment with plenty of positive encouragement for everyone. 

kidfit2This is my first KidFit class in to the public, but KidFit was created about 5 years ago.  KidFit was created as an enrichment program for my daughters’ preschool.  I still teach this half hour class each week for 2-4 year olds and I love dancing with my tiny dancers.  I’ve also been teaching KidFit at the school my daughters are currently attending, Kimball Elementary for the past 4 years.  It has become a very popular class with sometimes up to 40 students!  This class is ideal for Kinder-5th grade but please contact me if your student is older.  I do not recommend this class for preschool age children or younger as it will be 45 minutes of dance and movement with instruction…my preschool class has a hard time with 30!

KidFit is more than just dancing.  KidFits will learn that moving throughout there life will be a key component to a healthy lifestyle.  They will also learn the importance of working together as a group and to encourage their fellow KidFits, never making fun of or laughing at anyone’s dance move…I do not tolerate that behavior in class.  There will be an end of the year performance that all parents and caregivers will be invited to.